As you all know rainy season has started, so the cloths are getting dirty, untidy, filled with mud, and the fear of germs and bacteria all around you that need you to get a best professional therapy by Noida Dry Cleaners.

As the garments are not getting dry because of the moisture in the air so it become very tough for you to dry it, to get rid out from this problem you should try these hacks which may help you to dry the garments fastly which are given below

  • Just place a newspaper in yourroom which will help you to make your chamber free from humidity and help you to drying the cloths rapidly.
  • nother remedy is you put down the salt in your room which will help to control the moisture and make the place dry.

The mud leaves the stain on your garments only normal washing the cloths is not ok because the bacteria and germs which are still present on the cloths which may cause the skin problem, some bacterial diseases. The bacteria and germs can’t be see through your eyes because they are too tiny to see when you wear the cloth and then you feel some kind of irritation which indicates that the garments are not clean perfectly, Wash your cloths only with detergent is not enough to fight with germs.

At Noida Dry Cleaners, in order to invalidate the attack of germs and bacterial we provide the following treatments:-
  • Anti-dust mite treatment
  • Moth repellent treatment

And some others services that are provided are as follows:

  • Dry cleaning-All the stains will remove.
  • Whitening- In rainy season the white cloths are suffer the most. So we have whitening services to recover the shine of the white cloths.
  • Shoe dry cleaning- mostly the germs are appeared in the shoes because they are in direct contact with the mud and dirty things, so you have to sanitize or dry cleaning for shoes always not only in rainy season but in all the seasons.
  • Sofa, curtains and carpet dry cleaning- Due to humidity in the air, your sofas, curtains and carpets are get moist which may generated some bacterial diseases. You should dry clean your households like sofa, curtains, carpet etc. at least once.

So, if you require any services related to dry cleaning the products like cleaning any type of garments, curtains, sofas and shoes please may contact us, our professional are here to help you for the same.

And have a happy and joyful monsoon ahead!!